Frequently Asked Questions by customers

How do I know the trailer can come to my house?

We have a team of professional drivers and they can go nearly anywhere. As long as the street or parking location isn't a very sharp hill or turn, we can come otherwise,you can divert us to a nearby park, church, or parking lot! We need up to 50 feet of cleared space ( fairly flat)

Will the kids know how to play?

That's why we bring our Game Coach! He/she helps the kids along, inspires and instructs. Their job is to make sure you have an unforgettable Party!

Should I be concerned about the types of games for kids?

Upon booking your event, let our team member know your corners and preferred choice of games, we will only play games that the host request

What happens if we get bad weather?

In the event of inclement weather our team will work very closely with the customer before making a decision. In the event that we feel it's unsafe to put our truck and trailer on the road we will reschedule your event.

What time should I tell my guest to arrive?

We suggest that you tell your guest that the party starts a hour or half-hour before our arrival time-that way they can all eat first and see the arrival of the gaming truck!

What time will Kingdom Of Gaming Arrive?

Kingdom Of gaming Arrives 30-60 minutes prior to all scheduled events. This gives our Game coach time to set up all equipment and do a test run if needed!

What if too many people show up at the party? Is there an extra charge?

At Kingdom Of Gaming once booked there will be no extra charge due to the number of people.

Do I request certain games?

Kingdom Of Gaming Will bring all games to the event and make suggestions if needed, but we do recommend that you pick out all games before we arrive with one of our team.

Do I need to tip the game coach?

The game coach is there to keep your event running smooth. He/she tutors, Inspires and entertains. Tipping for exceptional service is a great idea, but not required.

Do I have to pay for the party in advance?

Kingdom Of Gaming reservations go quickly. In order to lock in your booking, you must pay online or over the phone with a team member. For schools or non-profits who cannot pay ahead, please contact us Via tele-phone or through our contact page.

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